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6 Habits that can Ruin your Health

All of us are concerned about having a healthy life. But with our busy schedule, we tend to do many things which are not suitable for our health. Instead of eating healthy, we eat fast food, and when we feel tired due to obesity, we consume too much caffeine. Unknowingly we do so many things that spoil our health, and the following are some of such habits which you need to avoid:


Skipping breakfasts:

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Your stomach will be empty in the morning, and when you do not have anything in the morning, your stomach starts to produce acids which will digest the walls of your stomach and cause acidity. Studies have shown that people who skip breakfasts tend to consume more calories during the day when compared to people who eat a healthy breakfast. Your body needs energy for the entire day, and thus you need to eat a healthy meal in the morning to provide energy to your body. When you skip your breakfast, you will become weak and tired.

Not drinking enough water:

Water is very important to our body. We need to drink about three liters of water every day to keep us hydrated. Water is essential to flush all the toxins in our body, and it transports all the nutrients to different parts of our body. Lack of water can cause dehydration, and we will feel more tired and fatigued. Your skin becomes dry, and it can also impair the functioning of Kidneys.

Irregular sleep patterns:

Our body requires about 6 hours of sleep daily. You need to make sure that you sleep and wake up at a particular time. The sleeping duration and time must not be changed on a regular basis. Without proper sleep, you will be agitated the next day, and you will not be able to do any work the next day. Our brains need adequate rest, and if you do not rest, your stress level will increase, and you will have to face severe health issues.


Smoking is one of the deadliest things in the world. The drug in the cigarette can make you addicted to it, and it is very hard for you to quit smoking once you are addicted to smoking. Smoking can harm your lungs, and your life is at stake. Smoking not only harms you but it harms all the people who are around you.

Eating excessive junk food:

Junk food seems to be tasty, and people love eating junk food. But we need to understand that eating junk food on a regular basis can harm your health condition. You tend to become obese and start to gain unwanted weight.

Poor body posture:

We need to learn to sit and work in a proper posture. If you tend to slouch, you may hurt your spine, and you will also get lots of other health problems.

5 Healthy Ways to Lose Weight

All of us want to lose weight and look like those supermodels on those magazines. Losing weight has always been a hot topic among all age groups, and it has become a stereotype of healthy living. Losing weight is a good thing, but you need to understand that you need to follow a process and there is no shortcut. Most of us are used to getting things done instantly. We hardly wait for anything and expect the same to happen with losing weight. Losing weight requires constant exercise and healthy eating patterns. There are many ways where you can lose weight without much effort, but such methods have severe consequences, and we must never consider such methods.

Lose Weight

The following are some of the ways to lose weight in a healthy way:

Consume a protein-rich diet:

One of the best ways to lose weight is to control your diet. You need to make sure that you are consuming food items that have lower calorie content. Avoid eating food that is rich in carbohydrate. Food items like rice, pasta, potatoes, wheat etc. have rich carbohydrate content, and they are considered as the energy giving food. If you consume them on a large scale, your body will store all those extra energies as fat. To avoid that try to consume fiber and protein-rich food. These food items will reduce your hunger and fill your stomach.

Regular exercise:

There is no better way to reduce your weight other than exercising on a regular basis. Sometimes in life, there are no shortcuts, and there is no gain without pain when it comes to losing weight. You have to burn the extra fat in your body, and your body must positively respond to that. You can start by walking or jogging for about 30 minutes a day. You can also join a gym and get a trainer to help you out with various exercises.

Avoid sugar:

Sugary food items are one of the most dangerous things to eat if you are on a weight loss program. Sugar contains high calorie, and you tend to gain more weight when you consume sweets and chocolates. If you are completely focused on losing weight, then avoid all such sugar-containing food items.

Limit your consumption of alcohol:

Alcohol is another high calorie-containing beverage, and you tend to gain weight if you continuously drink alcohol. You also need to avoid soft drinks that have high sugar content in them. Soft drinks increase the risk of becoming obese. Instead of soft drinks, try to drink plenty of water and fruit juices. Water helps in transporting the nutrients to all the parts of our body, and it also flushes toxins.

Get enough sleep:

Stress can also make you fat. So, try not to take in too much pressure and take one thing at a time. Make sure that you have enough sleep daily. Try to have a sleeping pattern and stick to it every day.

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